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reviewed Mictlan Surf School. September 02, 2010
Mictlan Surf School
   We recently went surfing with the Mictlan Surf School on a trip to Punta Mita, Mexico and had a great time.  The "surf school" is located near the Punta de Mita (Punta Mita) …
reviewed Mictlan Surf School. August 26, 2010
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Mictlan Surf School
   these guys were great.  We used them 2 days on a recent trip to Punta Mita.  Day one we had 16 people in our group so we took out two pangas (boats) and went over to La Lancha.  …
reviewed La Lancha (Puerto Vallarta beach). August 25, 2010
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Punta Mita's surf spot
I just returned home from a dream vacation to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for my cousin JR and his new wife Susan's mind-blowing wedding. The trip was all about the wedding and a great family vacation. …
reviewed Hurley Phantom Board Shorts. May 05, 2010
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Hurley Phantom Board Shorts
Before I get to my actual review of the Hurley Phantom 60s and 120s let me give a little bit of background on how I found out that a good pair of board shorts are needed for surfing and I'll try and keep …
reviewed Pedro's Tacos. May 04, 2010
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Pedro's Tacos
Okay, @TeamAWAC is an expert in the burrito department.  No question about it, the man loves his burritos and is on a mission to find the best burrito in the land.  What …
reviewed May 04, 2010
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I was talking to a buddy of mine about surfing Sunset (that is Los Angeles' Sunset, not Hawaii's Sunset) and I said that I wished there was a Sunset web cam available so I could check it out before I …
reviewed GoPro HD Hero. May 03, 2010
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A few months ago, @trailblazer got me a GoPro HD Surf Hero -- A high-def video camera which comes with a waterproof housing and a mount for placing it on your surfboard.  The mount can be installed …
reviewed February 05, 2010
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Not long after I started surfing, I realized the value of the surf report.  When to go out, when to stay in, and where to go were the key questions.  There were plenty of wind and swell models …
reviewed Catalyst. January 30, 2010
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It was time.  I'd taken my licks at El Porto, gone down the line at Bolsa Chica, and even ventured up to Ventura and beyond -- With a trip to Florida in my future, I decided it was time to take my …
reviewed Robburrito's. January 30, 2010
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Last time I was in Florida, I came across a restaurant in Melbourne Beach, Fl.  The restaurant had a sign out front that read, "the best burrito ever".  I consider myself a bit of …
reviewed Body Glove Fusion Mens Full Wetsuit. December 17, 2009
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Body Glove Fusion Mens Full Wetsuit
The first time I paddled out in my new 3-2 mm Body Glove Fusion wetsuit (on a sunny December morning) was reminiscent of the first time I drove a BMW -- I realized there WAS a difference.   …
reviewed HSS Surf Shop. November 19, 2009
HSS Surf Shop
This store has been around as long as I can remember.  Located on the corner of Main and PCH directly across from the found HB Pier, this store has a prime location.  I recently had to go there …
reviewed Surface Water Angel 6' EPS Surfboard. October 19, 2009
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Surface Water Angel 6' EPS Surfboard
At only 5'3 on a good day, near 100lbs, the 6 foot Surface water angel surfboard has proven itself to be my new favorite beginner surfboard! Originally practicing on the famous 8 and 9 foot Costco …
reviewed Kanoa Surf Lessons. September 09, 2009
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Kanoa Aquatics Logo
I recently signed @babymama up for a group surf lesson with Kanoa Aquatics in Manhattan Beach.  I've only been surfing for about two years now, but I've really enjoyed it and I wanted to share the …
reviewed ET Surf. August 21, 2009
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ET Surf
ET Surf has been around forever from what I understand.  One of the best things that could have happend to me when I started surfing was to be introduced to this shop.  This is a full service …
reviewed Johnny Rice 8' 8" Elite Wahine by Sur.... March 24, 2009
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Johnny Rice 8'8
I had been passively looking for a new longboard which would give me a little more performance than my current foam Wavestorm board, when my friend notified me of a sale going on at a local surfshop.  …
reviewed Robert August "What I Ride" 8'4" Soft.... February 01, 2009
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What I Ride Surfboard
This was the first surfboard that I bought.  The purchase price for the board was $450.  The board is constructed with an expoxy core and a mini-cell foam is laid over the core.  That layer …
reviewed Rip Curl E Bomb 3/2 Chest Zip Fullsuit. December 09, 2008
Rip Curl Ebomb Wetsuit
I've been surfing for a few years now and I've got to say that Ripcurl has got the wetsuit making process down.      I buy 2 wetsuits a year.  In preparation for the upcoming …
reviewed SurfTech JC Equalizer 6'10". September 23, 2008
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Blue JC Equalizer
Before I begin this review, let me give a quick background which will put this review in context.  I've been surfing for just over a year, and I recently transitioned from an 8 ft Wavestorm SoftTop.  With …
reviewed Wavestorm Surfboard. July 28, 2008
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Wavestorm Surfboard - 2008 Model
One of the most visible newcomers to world of surfing is the Wavestorm surfboard.  It is almost impossible now to paddle out to any waves in Southern California without seeing a handful of these littered …
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